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Office Relocation Services

Business removals with Globeson

Globeson is your best resource for all relocation needs. We understand the senstivity of transporting documenation and other important paperwork properly. We also have relevant moving and packing help for other heavy transportation requirements for computers and peripherals, furniture etc. Our logistics experts provide end to end solution and ensure best prices for all office relocation services in India.

Whether you are a small company office moving across town, or a multi-national corporation relocating across the country, Globeson has the expertise and resources to plan and implement an effective office removal to ensure business continuity for you, your staff and your organisation.

Our office movers are part of our Business Solutions division, offering a portfolio of services which helps hundreds of businesses each year to optimise and design a new office environment, and relocate their staff and infrastructure to new premises.

As part of our service, Globeson works closely with our clients to help them manage their waste and meet their environmental obligations; whether that be through office furniture recycling or reuse.

If you utilise moving and storage services in more than one area of your organisation, by choosing multiple services from Globeson; we can help our clients achieve their goals and reduce cost through our office removal efforts. Integrated office removals to help you reduce the cost of your projects

Our office removals services are delivered by professional experts. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and every aspect of our accredited service is underpinned by passionate people, proven processes and innovative technology.

We aim to be a reliable service provider delivering a dependable service, and a creative and flexible partner to your business.