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Packaging materials

Cardboard Boxes:

Considered to be the most essential packaging material used by packers and movers, the cardboard boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Apart from their extensive use in packaging for ecommerce product deliveries, these boxes come in quite handy while packing office and household goods during a relocation process. From files, to utensils and clothes and even electronic goods, they are suitable for packing almost anything for easy transportation.

Wardrobe boxes

If you love your clothes and have many of them which you want to carry with you to your new home. Then the wardrobe boxes are a good option for you. These boxes come with the metal bar holding hangers. Which will enable clothes to remain in good condition and not get wrinkled or damaged during the transportation in a truck?

Heavy-duty boxes

Heavy duty means double-walled boxes and so you can easily carry the lampshades, Showpieces, plants, and other delicate items in it for double protection.

Bubble Wraps:

When it comes to packing fragile goods and delicate items, most professional packers and movers give preference to good quality bubble wrap. Comprising of plastic sheets with numerous small air capsules, they help in keeping the packed materials considerably safe even when they are being transported over extremely rough roads. Not surprisingly bubble wrap is of the most popular amongst all types of packaging material.

Brown Paper Wraps:

Whether it is used for wrapping delicate china items or ensuring the safety of crystal cutlery sets, brown paper wraps are amongst the most commonly purchased packaging materials. In addition to being one of the most readily available packaging materials online, it is extremely easy to use and also quite economical. Apart from ensuring the safety of the packaged goods, it also prevents the entry of dirt and dust during relocation.

Foam & Thermocol Sheets:

There are some goods that need to be packed with proper insulation so that they do not get damaged due to exposure to weather elements. In such cases, apart from purchasing packing box online, it is important for the packers and movers to invest in sheets of foam and thermocol. These sheets can be used as insulation inside the boxes to prevent the packed goods from being exposed to external elements.

Inflatable Packing Material:

Not many people are aware of the fact that one of the most useful products offered by packaging suppliers is the inflatable packaging material. It proves extremely useful in packing fragile items such as china vases, television and computer screens and other such items in this packaging material to keep them completely safe during transportation and handling. The material is comprised of a plastic casing having sealed air within it, which acts as a cushion.

Markers of Different Colours:

It is not unusual for the packers and movers to invest in the entire bunch of markers of different colours. These markers come in quite handy in write on the packaging materials to identify their contents. They might also be used for writing on other surfaces including glass, metal and plastic for different reasons, including marking and identification etc. However, the use of permanent markers is quite popular.

Box Cutters:

Having invested in packing boxes, many users might feel the need to resize them for better organization of packaged items. In such cases, box cutters can come in quite handy as they help to easily scrap off the sides and edges for more effective packing. The box cutters can prove extremely helpful in saving valuable time and space by cutting the boxes in an accurate and fast manner.

Packaging Tapes:

Packaging tapes are yet another extremely important items used by packers and movers. These are generally used for securing the packaging materials in place and also for sealing the packed boxes. There are several different types and sizes of packaging tape roles available in the market to maximize the convenience of packing for the professionals according to the specific dimensions of the goods.

Coloured Stickers:

Coloured stickers are mostly used for labelling purposes but can also be used to separate the different containers according to the delicacy level of items stored within them. Using a single coloured sticker to label all boxes containing fragile goods ensures that they are easily identified by the handlers as the ones to be always placed on top. These stickers are readily available with suppliers or can even be obtained from local stationary shops.


No inventory of packaging materials online or offline can be considered complete without the inclusion of ropes. This basic packaging product is quite useful both during loading and unloading of packed boxes as well as during their transportation. Many times, the ropes are the best option for heaving up heavy objects across multiple floors, especially in structures with tight stairs and no lifts available for getting the task done.